Focus on the art in latte art

Perfect milk foam, every single time. Our patented microfoam technology promises the pure milk taste that keeps customers coming back.
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Dynamic, yet simple

Speed, elegance and consistency never looked so good. The Latte Art Factory improves workflow, efficiency and sustainability without compromising on quality.
Latte Art Factory BAR PRO

Technical details


Countertop Dispenser: 325x210x600
Undercounter Unit: 515x230x570, incl. 4L fridge
Hygiene: Compliant with HACCP

WEIGHT (in kg):

Countertop Dispenser: 8.1
Undercounter Unit: 25.8
Total: 33.9


220V - 240V / 16A
Connections: Power, water
Power rating: 3600 W max

What our clients say about us

We are proud to be the exclusive partner of Latte Art Factory in Denmark.

Peter Larsen Kaffe
Coffee Roaster in Denmark

It was the best buy ever. We are so glad! It’s a super machine. We can now foam dairy and oat milk with just one machine in consistent, perfect quality, and always the exact amount we need.

Bernhard Stöxen
Owner of iconic "De Leidse Hout"
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The Latte Art Factory has received great acclaim due the high quality and consistency of the foam from regular milk and plant based alternatives.

Bewley’s Oriental Café
Café in Dublin, Ireland
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Foam fresh milk like a pro

Hot and Cold Foam

Highest temperature range and consistency of milk foam (4° C to 75° C)

Two Milk Types

Foam two types of milk at the same time

Increase Output

Serve 2-3x more drinks faster with optimal workflows for rush hour

Vegan Friendly

Foam your favorite plant-based milk alternative to perfection


Energy efficient design and cut costs from milk waste by up to 25%.


Automatic dispensing into any size (from small cup to latte art jug!)

So much more than the best foam quality!

Add new drinks to your menu, such as cold brew, iced latte and more
Superior hygiene and HACCP compliance
Full telemetry enables remote support and business analytics

Make your drink menu stand out

Add high-margin hot and cold milk foam drinks as well as non-dairy milk alternatives to your offering.
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Instead of Focusing on Milk

Focus on your customer

Spend less time frothing milk and more time creating an unforgettable customer experience.
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Nitro Cold Brew

Freddo Espresso
with Oat Milk

Flat White


Bumble Coffee


Espresso Martini

Iced Cappuccino

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Create perfect milk foam every single time with Latte Art Factory.
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