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LAF Bar Pro Wins Yet Another Award at World of Coffee Dubai! 

Nefeli Bouti
January 19, 2023
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The LAF Bar Pro by Frank Buna has won the coveted Best New Product Award for the second time in less than a year at the World of Coffee event in Dubai this January. We are honored that the LAF Bar Pro has been recognized once again by the Specialty Coffee Association as the top player in the industry.

The LAF Bar Pro: Brewing up a storm at World of Coffee Dubai

World of Coffee is a major highlight in the specialty coffee industry, and the second edition of Dubai’s event is definitely one to remember. Three intense days, over 300 exhibitors, numerous activities, a championship, and the Best New Product Award, which we were happy to take home.  

The LAF Bar Pro automated milk foamer is a game-changer for coffee shops and baristas alike. Its patented microfoam technology offers precise temperature control and fully customizable settings, delivering the perfect texture for any drink, hot or cold. The compact design and easy-to-use interface make it a great addition to any café. 

This revolutionary product offers baristas a new level of precision and convenience when it comes to frothing all kinds of milk, and more! Never has it been so easy to get perfectly textured milk at this level of consistency.  

Staffing shortages and increasing costs can be a challenge for café owners to keep their business afloat, and baristas can often be too stressed to be able to focus on delivering the best quality coffee drinks consistently. The LAF Bar Pro was created with both business owners and baristas in mind. 

This automated milk foamer has been designed to be energy efficient, reduce waste, improve baristas’ workflows, and increase speed without compromising quality, keeping baristas happy and wowing customers every time.  

We have worked hard to create a product that not only delivers exceptional performance but also enhances the overall coffee experience for the consumer. We are excited to see the continued success of the LAF Bar Pro and are excited for what’s on the horizon for Frank Buna. 

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At Frank Buna, innovation and impact drive everything we do. We set a high standard for our products and aim to lead the industry forward. We are thrilled to have won a major award, recognizing Frank Buna's dedication to creating innovative products that make an impact in the industry.  

Read more about the LAF Bar Pro or contact us today to purchase this award-winning machine for your café! 

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