5 Cold Foam Drinks You Need on Your Café Menu 

Cold Foam Recipes - Iced Chocolate Latte - Latte Art Factory - Expand Your Coffee Shop Cold Drink Menu

Let’s dive into the perks of using cold foam in your café and check out our top five cold foam drinks that’ll blow your taste buds away. 

5 Reasons Why Customers Love Cold Foam All Year Round

Imagine sipping on a velvety smooth latte, but with an icy twist. That’s the magic of cold foam! This creamy topping adds a new layer of deliciousness to your favorite coffee beverages. But it’s not just about taste – cold foam is a game-changer for your café’s menu. Here’s why: 

  • Multisensory Experiences: Cold milk foam adds an incredibly smooth and creamy texture to your drinks. It’s like a mini-party in your mouth with every sip! 
  • Instagrammable: If you’re all about that Instagram aesthetic, cold foam’s got your back. Its sleek and marbled appearance makes your drinks totally “’grammable”. 
  • Flavors Galore: Cold foam is your ticket to flavor paradise. You can mix and match different flavors to create drinks that’ll surprise and delight your customers. 
  • Attract the Cool Crowd: Younger coffee lovers are all about the cold stuff. Cold foam iced lattes and creative concoctions are a sure-fire way to win over the trendy crowd. 
  • Earn Higher Margins: Consumers are willing to pay more for coffee with cold foam! 

Instantly expand your cold drink menu

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I whip up that perfect cold foam without breaking a sweat?” That’s where Latte Art Factory comes in, an award-winning automatic milk frother that works without steam. It takes the hassle out of crafting that dreamy cold foam topping. 

How Latte Art Factory helps your café

  • Instant Cold Foam on Tap: Unlike traditional methods, the Latte Art Factory uses a patented air pump system to dispense cold milk foam as low as 4°C (39°F). Say goodbye to the fuss of steam-based machines! 
  • Consistent quality: Ensure every drink meets your high standards. The Latte Art Factory guarantees uniform foam and temperature, cup after cup.
  • Texture Tailored to You: With adjustable airflow, you’re in control. Create a range of textures – from liquid smoothness to thick and stable foam – all at the touch of a button. 
  • Precise Dosing: Set the dispense volume for each drink size to minimize waste. And the best part is, none of this requires any additional staff training. 
  • Smart Calibration: The Latte Art Factory knows its milk (and more!). It assesses each type of milk’s characteristics and adjusts settings accordingly. So whether you’re using dairy, chocolate or plant-based milk, you’re covered. 
  • Effortless Workflows: It simplifies baristas’ routines, saving them a lot of time. And after a day of making fantastic drinks, cleaning up is a breeze.  

Top 5 Cold Foam Drinks to Add to Your Menu 

Introducing a variety of cold foam drinks to your menu is the ultimate way to captivate customers and boost business. From adopting trendy flavors to year-round sales potential, these drinks are the ticket to differentiation in a competitive market.

Cater to diverse tastes, surprise regulars, and create a buzz that sets your café apart. With minimal prep and maximum elegance, these cold foam drinks offer a simple yet sophisticated upgrade that’ll keep your customers coming back for more. Effortlessly enhance these drinks with flavors such as caramel, vanilla or mocha to accommodate diverse preferences.

1. Classic Creamy Iced Latte

Start with a rich espresso base, add cold milk, and top it off with a generous layer of cold foam. A timeless treat! 

Cold Foam Recipes - Latte Art Factory - Expand Your Coffee Shop Cold Drink Menu

2. Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is coffee that has undergone cold brewing and then infused with nitrogen. The nitrogen infusion adds a depth of flavor, enhancing its richness and sweetness while creating a mesmerizing waterfall effect from the velvety crema.

Cold brew has emerged as one of the most rapidly advancing beverage trends in recent years, captivating consumers with its smooth, refreshing taste and exciting operators with its profit potential.

Cold Foam Recipes - Nitro Cold Brew - Latte Art Factory - Expand Your Coffee Shop Cold Drink Menu

3. Iced Cappuccino

Indulge in the classic cappuccino flavors with a chilly twist – cold milk foam on top of a shot of foamed up espresso.  

Cold Foam Recipes - Latte Art Factory - Expand Your Coffee Shop Cold Drink Menu

4. Cold Brew Latte

Combine the smoothness of cold brew with the velvety texture of cold milk foam. This drink is a match made in coffee heaven.  

Cold Foam Recipes - Iced Latte - Latte Art Factory - Expand Your Coffee Shop Cold Drink Menu

5. Dreamy Iced Chocolate

Sweeten up your day with an iced version of a classic drink, topped with a layer of creamy cold milk foam. 

Cold Foam Recipes - Iced Chocolate Latte - Latte Art Factory - Expand Your Coffee Shop Cold Drink Menu

So there you have it. Cold foam is the solution for crafting irresistible coffee creations that’ll keep your customers coming back for more. With its smooth texture, endless flavor possibilities, and Instagram-worthy appeal, it’s time to embrace the cold drink revolution and take your coffee shop menu to the next level with these cold foam drinks!  

Add cold foam easily with the Latte Art Factory, get a quote for yours today!

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