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How it works

The Latte Art Factory is much more than an automatic milk frother. In fact, it’s a veritable barista assistant that will help you create any café beverage imaginable.
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3 steps to perfect milk foam

milk module of the Latte Art Factory commercial milk frother machine
Fill milk into the container
discover the latte art factory professional milk foaming machine
Select your preferred drink
make perfect milk foam with the latte art factory
Enjoy foam exactly how you like it
Latte Art Factory - Commercial Milk Frother
Milk module

The milk module includes our unique milk foam technology, the digital display and control units, water and electricity supply as well as the milk dispensing outlet.

Latte Art Factory - Commercial Milk Frother

Refrigerator module

The fridge contains the chiller, the cleaning container, the modem and is responsible for connecting the milk to the milk module, which sits on-top of the fridge.


We guarantee minimal downtime and in the event of a hardware defect, the module can be easily exchanged.
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With Latte Art Factory you will

Burning the Milk

Take the stress out of your daily routines and focus on your customer

Waiting times

Take the stress out of your daily routines and focus on your customer

Milk spillage

Take the stress out of your daily routines and focus on your customer

Ineffective workflow

Take the stress out of your daily routines and focus on your customer
Always serve perfect foam
at the perfect temperature
Optimize your workflows
and save costs
Save up to 25% of milk
costs by wasting less

Ineffective workflow

Reduce staffing shortages with automation
Focus more on
your customer
Get a remote access via

Cloud control

Through a modem, the Latte Art Factory is connected to the internet and can thus be accessed remotely for service, software updates and upload of new beverages. This also enables big data and statistical analysis of your coffee sales.
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Full HACCP compliance is ensured with an automated water flush of the system after every recipe. Dairy free customers can be assured that their drinks aren't contaminated.
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Boost your revenue with new products

Add cold foam, non-dairy alternatives like oat and soy, cold brew and kombucha at the touch of a button
Cold Milk Foam Drinks
Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives
Cold Brew, Chocolate
Iced Tea & More!

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With Latte Art Factory you create perfect milk foam every time.

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