Latte Art Factory Drives 30% Surge in Revenue for 5 to go Outlets 

5 to go 2024 Convention with Latte Art Factory Team

5 to go and Latte Art Factory have been partnering for almost two years, and in that time both companies have been growing hand in hand. Today, 5 to go is one of the fastest growing coffee chains in Europe with 500 outlets across the continent. More than 100 5 to go outlets now have a Latte Art Factory.  

Café owners today face increased market pressure 

In the increasingly competitive coffee industry, cafés are facing a dual challenge: barista wages are rising year over year, while the bottom line is under pressure from escalating operational costs and the price of goods.  

Amid these challenges, the Latte Art Factory (LAF) emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a way to not only sustain but also enhance profitability.

Lucian Bădilă and Radu Savopol, founders of 5 to go

We spoke with several 5 to go café owners to understand the true impact of our machine on their operations. 

At 5 to go, a detailed analysis shows that 85% of the coffees sold by the chain are milk-based, with “Mr. Big”, a 475ml cappuccino, reigning as the customer favorite.

This preference underscores the importance of milk in their business model, but also highlights the vulnerability to increasing costs of milk waste as a result of traditional barista-prepared beverages. 

“I recommend it wholeheartedly! I admit that I was a little sceptical at first, but it’s worth the money. It is a real help during peak hours, we don’t risk milk foam quality with new employees, and the consumption of milk has decreased for us.” 

Iulia, owner of a 5 to go coffee shop

As operational expenses climb, threatening the financial health of cafés, Latte Art Factory stands out as the hero. By integrating this innovative machine, café owners can navigate the shifting challenges and changing trends of the coffee industry with greater ease and efficiency. Today’s coffee consumers value quality above all and variety of beverages, including drinks with cold foam. 

“After just a week of using the Latte Art Factory, I can say that it is worth every penny. The milk foam is perfect, milk losses are reduced to almost zero and the cold milk foam is incredible. In terms of waiting times for a coffee with milk, they have halved. Worth the investment!”.  

Cebedal, owner of another outlet

A look at the 5 to go branch with a 54% revenue surge from Latte Art Factory 

For Mihai Dadiloveanu, owner of the 5 to go Eroilor branch in Bucharest, the introduction of the automatic milk frothing machine was nothing short of transformative.

Witnessing a 54% surge in revenue within a year of using the Latte Art Factory, compared to the previous year without it, Mihai’s experience serves as a compelling testament to the machine’s value.  

Through his words, slightly refined for clarity, Mihai shares, “Many customers come to my café specifically for the drinks made using the Latte Art Factory.”

He notes the significant business growth attributable to Latte Art Factory and praises its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, which have enabled him to serve a larger customer base without the necessity for top-tier baristas.

“Latte Art Factory is synonymous with quality, and that’s what people look for,” he adds. 

The numbers speak for themselves: The LAF not only paid for itself within months but also helped double the production of milk-based coffees from 150 to 300 per hour.

Additionally, the machine’s efficiency and precise dispensing has led to a significant reduction in milk waste, saving Mihai 11.7 liters of milk daily, amounting to 3,000 euros saved each year. 

5 to go was born from the desire of the founders Radu Savopol and Lucian Bădilă to offer quality coffee-based drinks, at a fair price. 

The chain was nominated for Best Coffee Chain in Central/Eastern Europe at the 2023 European Coffee Awards gala in Barcelona, and Radu Savopol, co-founder of 5 to go, won the Outstanding Contribution to the European Coffee Industry award.

The Latte Art Factory also boasts three SCA Best New Product awards from 2022 and 2023, as well as the 2023 Smart Label HOST Innovation Award

“The advanced milk frothing technology provided by Latte Art Factory is beyond a doubt a significant asset for a café. On the one hand, the milk cream obtained in this way is a consumer satisfaction factor, on the other hand, it is an element that brings profitability to the business, contributing to a superior taste experience delivered without the need for long-term employee training – after 2 days of training, even beginners are ready to achieve the ideal product texture with this machine. This saves time – 30% more milk-based coffee products can be produced in one day, improves staff efficiency – more coffee is delivered in less time, and milk wastage is significantly reduced because the machine uses only the amount needed, without compromising the result“. 

Radu Savopol, co-founder of 5 to go

“The positive feedback received from 5 to go franchisees is most relevant for us, as saving resources and significantly reducing waiting time are two essential elements for streamlining a business in the coffee industry, in a context where cost reduction is now a main objective. Specifically, the use of Latte Art Factory has resulted in a 30% increase in revenue in the 5 to go coffee shops where we have these machines, a promising result that we are pleased with and demonstrates the potential of the technology that we have brought to Romania as sole importer and distributor in 2022. We are proud of this partnership and have every reason to take it further”. 

Lucian Bădilă, co-founder of 5 to go

The story of 5 to go demonstrates the impact the Latte Art Factory can have on the coffee industry. By offering a solution that enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and maintains the highest quality of milk-based beverages, the LAF is redefining the operational model for cafés.

Its success at 5 to go signals a promising outlook for others in the industry seeking to navigate the challenges of rising costs and consumer demand for quality. 

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