Caffè d’Autore introduces award-winning Latte Art Factory milk foamer to Spain

Latte Art Factory automatic commercial milk foamer - automatic milk frother

HÖVELHOF, GERMANY (29.11.2022) — Latte Art Factory is proud to announce its recent partnership with Caffè d’Autore, bringing the award-winning commercial milk frother to Spain, aiming to reach coffee chains and food service operators in the county. Latte Art Factory’s innovative milk foamer and Caffè d’Autore’s network provide a unique opportunity for both companies to introduce a solution that will benefit businesses by helping them provide consistent service and high-quality products, while cutting overhead costs.

The latest milk foaming technology will help cafés in the country increase quality of service and consistency

Spain has a long history of enjoying coffee-based drinks, which form an integral part of the country’s culture and daily life. In recent years, specialty coffee has shown impressive growth in popularity, with more coffee shops opening every year, with a recent surge in the South of the country.

“With people learning more about all the different types of drinks there is an increased need to be able to provide a wide variety of options as part of the menu. It is important to keep up in order to keep customers happy”, said Alex Colet KAM of Caffè d’Autore.

It can be both costly and time-consuming to find adequately-skilled staff to be able to prepare new drinks. This is especially the case when experiencing staff shortages. Paired with busy periods, this can affect the quality of the final product and service.

“Producing consistent high-quality drinks can be difficult on a big scale. You will have to make compromises which negatively affect the experience of the customers and the baristas”, adds Alex.

The Latte Art Factory can be the perfect solution for those concerns. It is an automated milk foamer that can help add a much wider variety of drinks effortlessly and can easily produce them at the highest quality without compromising speed. Saving staff a lot of stress.

Caffè d’Autore and Latte Art Factory partnership

The partnership between Caffè d’Autore and Latte Art Factory began in November 2022. Through this partnership, Caffè d’Autore and Latte Art Factory will help coffee shops, chains and food service operators deliver high-quality products, regardless of the skill level of staff. Coffee businesses will be able to add more variety to their menu at no extra cost. Furthermore, they will be able to provide a consistent experience to customers, no matter how busy they are.

At its core, Caffè d’Autore values sharing knowledge about the world of coffee and wants to provide its customers with the appropriate and necessary tools to create a high-quality end product. Latte Art Factory aims to help its clients grow and be leaders in their markets. This alignment is what both companies are confident will make this a mutually beneficial partnership.

About Caffè d’Autore

Caffè d’Autore is a complete 360 coffee service, boasting 30 years of experience in all things coffee. With a passion to design and implement bespoke solutions to its customers, they offer innovative tailored solutions that prioritize efficiency and offer the best coffee experience. They aspire to help customers reach sustainable growth through reliable and honest partnership. Find out more about Caffè d’Autore on their website.

About Latte Art Factory by Frank Buna

Frank Buna is building the future of coffee equipment. Bringing together automation with the art of coffee-making, Frank Buna is an innovation leader in a constantly changing market. The company’s LAF Bar Pro automatic milk foamer won the Specialty Coffee Association’s award for best new product of 2022 and 2023 which Frank Buna considers validation of its strategic vision.

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