Latte Art Factory makes US debut at Specialty Coffee Expo Portland

Latte Art Factory Bar Pro - Onyx Coffee - Commercial Milk Frother for Cafes

Latte Art Factory is making its debut in the United States at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland from April 21-23. After successfully launching in several markets, the twice SCA award-winning milk foaming solution is arriving to make waves in the US. Don’t miss out on being among the first to experience the benefits it has to offer. 

Latte Art Factory is a cutting-edge solution that empowers baristas and café owners to elevate their business, and enhance the overall coffee experience for their customers. This automated milk foamer offers a range of benefits that address problems often faced by coffee shops and baristas, such as consistency in temperature and texture, optimizing workflows even in busy periods, and allowing the seamless inclusion of cold and plant-based drinks to café menus.  

With its unique patented microfoam technology, precise temperature control, and fully customizable settings, it makes it easy for baristas to create the perfect texture for any drink, hot or cold, using dairy or plant-based milk. Not to mention that it can dispense two liquids at the same time, meaning you can top your perfectly textured cold brew with some cold foam as well. 

Stop by booth 653 to see Latte Art Factory in action and experience the difference for yourself. 

But that’s not all! Latte Art Factory will be joined by 3x Latte Art Champion, Cabell Tice, who will be putting the smooth microfoam into action and sharing tips and tricks on how to nail your latte art design every time. Come and be amazed by Cabell’s incredible latte art skills, show off your own skills in our throwdowns, and see how this machine can level up your business. 

While you’re at the booth, make sure to enjoy a variety of dairy and plant-based coffee drinks, made using the highest quality beans from Onyx Coffee. Great coffee starts with great beans after all. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience Latte Art Factory and meet the team at the Specialty Coffee Expo. Book your meeting now and get ready to take your coffee business to new heights. See you there! 

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