The milk foam revolution

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How it works: automated milk foam in 3 steps

Latte Art Factory - two milk containers

Fill the container with milk or your favorite plant-based alternative.

Latte Art Factory - digital touch screen closeup

Tap the digital touch screen and select your beverage of choice.

Latte Art Factory - enjoy perfect milk foam

Enjoy perfect milkfoam, exactly how you like it.

Level up your coffee business

Improve workflows

Sell more drinks with optimal workflows and faster preparation

Work smarter

Leverage actionable business intelligence via integrated cloud tech

Cut costs from milk waste

Cut costs from milk wastage by up to 25% and improve sustainability

Reduce staffing costs

Hire baristas at any skill level with no training required

Guarantee consistent quality

Untrained baristas can prepare high-quality foamed drinks every time

Expand your menu

Expand your beverage menu with hot and cold milk foam recipes

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New recipes at

the touch of a

Hot drinks
Caffe mocha
Trendy drinks
Nitro cold brew
Iced drinks
iced tea
Freddo espresso
Plant based drinks

Why the Latte Art Factory is in a league of its own

Temperature consistency

High consistency across the temperature range of 4° C - 75° C.

Foam 2 liquids at once!

Use your favourite dairy, plant milks, cold brew, or pre-mixes.

Hot and cold milk foam

Expand your menu with iced drinks and nitro cold brew.

Full telemetry

Remote access to machines for fast service and updates.

Quick & easy cleaning

Daily automated cleaning cycle takes just 1 minute of manual labor.

3 textures per drink

Different textures of milk foam in each drink for unlimited menu possibilities.

Level up today

Save on overhead

Keep energy costs low with steamless milk frothing, an automated power-saving mode and heating on-demand.

Reduce milk waste from spillage, mistakes and leftovers with LAF’s automated precision.

Lower your staffing costs by hiring baristas of any skill level while still guaranteeing high drink quality. No training required to prepare new beverages.

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Save on overhead

Grow your business

Sell more beverages with improved workflows and faster preparation.

Easily develop new drinks and benefit from a fully customizable menu of over 120 high-margin recipes.

Increase customer satisfaction, upselling, and repeat sales by focusing less on foaming milk and more on the customer.

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Grow your business

Lead the

Enhance and maintain your brand’s reputation thanks to consistent delivery of high drink quality.

Enjoy the most hygienic milk foamer on the market with an automated cleaning cycle and manual flush after each drink.

Access actionable business insights through our integrated cloud technology.

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Lead the market
Barista pouring latte art
Latte Art Factory with Barista
Latte Art Factory Bar Pro - Chai Latte
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Innovation excites me! The Latte Art Factory foams fantastic milk texture, perfectly suited for my intricate designs

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Dhan Tamang is the UK’s 6x Latte Art Champion and café owner
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Latte Art Factory supports baristas to produce the best quality milk, as well as being able to quickly change the preset recipe according to the order.

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Verdi is the Netherlands’ coffee specialist in the hospitality industry.
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3 - 5

The Latte Art Factory has received great acclaim due the high quality and consistency of the foam from regular milk and plant-based alternatives.

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Bewley’s is Ireland’s iconic coffee and tea company.
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4 - 5

We believe this partnership will be incredibly successful by ensuring consistency and speed to café owners and coffee drinkers across Australia.

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Segafredo AU are the experts of Italian coffee and coffee machines.
4 - 5
5 - 5

The Latte Art Factory ensures the same quality day by day and increases efficiency in the bar by 30% on busy periods in restaurants, cafes or other HoReCa concepts where coffee with milk is sold.

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5 to go is the largest café chain in Romania with 450+ locations.
5 - 5

3x SCA Best New Product Award-Winner

The Latte Art Factory Bar Pro won the prestigious Best New Product Award by the Specialty Coffee Association for the third time at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland. It is the first product in award history to win the award three times.

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Latte Art Factory - SCA Award
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