The wait is over! Latte Art Factory Milk Frothing Machine Hits the US Market

Latte Art Factory Bar Pro - Commercial Milk Frother Machine

After great success in other markets, the Latte Art Factory finally arrives in the United States, set to redefine the nation’s coffee experiences! This award-winning machine is not just an automated milk frothing machine, it’s a game changer for the coffee industry.

Following our third Best New Product Award win at last year’s Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, where our cold foam and nitro cold brew innovations received enthusiastic praise, we recognized the changing coffee industry landscape. Café owners face soaring coffee consumption, heightened quality expectations, and ongoing challenges like staffing shortages and rising costs. In response, the Latte Art Factory, an automated milk frothing machine, offers an innovative solution to meet customer demands and ease operational pressures. 

Perfection in every cup 

The Latte Art Factory stands for unparalleled precision and consistency, enabling cafés to serve perfect drinks every time. With its unique patented microfoam technology, precise temperature control, and fully customizable settings it makes it easy for every barista to create the perfect texture for any drink. 

All milks welcome  

To cater to the diverse preferences of today’s coffee lovers, the Latte Art Factory milk frothing machine is designed to work seamlessly with all types of milk, including both dairy and plant-based options. From almond to oat milk and everything in between, every latte will be served with the silkiest microfoam. 

Expand your cold drink menu

Did you know that the most popular and most expensive add-on at large coffee chains is cold foam?

With the Latte Art Factory, you can unlock a whole range of high-demand drinks with cold foam at the push of a button. And it doesn’t stop there; the Latte Art Factory allows you to effortlessly craft not only consumer staples like the creamiest nitro cold brew but also your own signature drinks. 

Latte Art Factory Bar Pro - Commercial Milk Frother Machine - Cold Foam - Coffee Shop Menu

The perfect cafe workflow 

Latte Art Factory improves café owners’ bottom line by optimizing workflows, reducing training time and costs, and ensuring consistent quality, leading to reduced milk waste. Lavazza and Segafredo, Europe’s largest roasters, along with 5 to go, the fastest-growing coffee chain in Europe, have integrated the LAF into their operations, with outlets seeing a 20% profit increase. Cabell Tice, 3x Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion and owner of Orchard Cafe underscores the importance of automation amid staffing shortages and rising wages. 

The LAF also benefits baristas by automating milk frothing and pouring, freeing them to focus on managing orders, interacting with customers, or adding creative touches to beverages. This hands-free operation streamlines workflow reduces wait times and boosts overall productivity. 

“With staffing shortages and rising wages, it becomes imperative to find ways for cafe owners to automate processes and conserve resources.”

Cabell Tice, 3x Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion and owner of Orchard Coffee Cafe. 

Don’t just take our word for it — Europe’s largest roasters Lavazza and Segafredo have made the LAF part of their fleet, and 5 to Go, the fastest-growing coffee chain in Europe, has seen a 20% increase in profit in the outlets using the LAF. 

UL and NSF certified milk frothing machine 

Latte Art Factory now has UL and NSF certifications, meaning it meets all quality and food safety standards in the US.  

Joining Forces with Leading US Distributors  

We are thrilled to start distributing in the US with partners like Onyx Coffee Lab, Black Rabbit, GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions and Coffee Machine Depot. Their eagerness to embrace the Latte Art Factory underscores its potential to revolutionize the coffee industry. Having such influential partners on board fills us with pride and excitement. 

Our shared goal is to collaborate closely with these industry leaders, providing coffee shops across the US with cutting-edge machinery. Together, we aim to empower them to deliver premium beverages consistently and efficiently, setting a new standard for excellence in the coffee world. 

“It’s incredibly rare for a new tool to make its way to the cafe bar with such a strong potential for impact. Our excitement around this partnership is about so much more than enabling cafes to see an increase in bar efficiency; it’s about the way this opens doors for baristas to make new, innovative drinks, expanding creativity and potential without sacrificing replicability or quality. We can truly see this becoming an industry standard.” – Jon Allen, co-founder of Onyx Coffee Lab. 

“We wouldn’t be shocked to see [Latte Art Factory] in every specialty café 10 years from now.”

Jon Allen, Owner of Onyx Coffee Lab

Meet us at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Chicago 

You can see the Latte Art Factory in person at the Expo in Chicago from April 12th to 14th. We’ll be at booth 2060 showcasing all the capabilities of our solution where we’ll be joined by 3x Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion Cabell Tice! 

Transform your café and be a part of the milk foam revolution with Latte Art Factory. 

Make Latte Art Factory yours now! 

Latte Art Factory - SCA Best New Product Award at Specialty Coffee Expo Portland 2023

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